Core Values

Build up a leading enterprise that addresses human healthcare needs

創建領先企業    攻克生命難題    呵護人類健康

Humaneness, perseverance, innovation, effectiveness, and excellence.
以人為本    團結拼搏    高效務實    創新卓越

Create innovative medicines for patients worldwide
創良藥    濟天下


Recently, an amount of $40 million of series B financing ...

HP501, an URAT1 inhibitor being developed for the treatme...

April 12, 2019, the first patient of HC-1119 Phase III st...

Mr.Hui Yu,deputy director of Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone  came to Hinova for...

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Hinova Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Founded in 2013 by a team of scientists with R&D and management experience from global multinational pharmaceutical and top CRO companies, Hinova Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a high-tech innovative drug discovery and development company dedicated to bring new medicines to patients worldwide. Our focus is on therapeutic areas where there are unmet medical needs.
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